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Update the llvm sha1 in windows-package/README.txt

Now using clang 7.0 instead 4.0
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This package distributes the clang compiler and a compiler plugin called clazy.
clang and llvm were built from branch release_40 ( c8fccc53ed66d505898f8850bcc690c977a7c9a7 and 3c8961bedc65c9a15cbe67a2ef385a0938f7cfef.
clang and llvm were built from branch release_70 ( 888225e7beebbdd82f6b6c7e139c2b094ea4faaa and 0513b409d5e34b2d2a28ae21b6d620cc52de0e57).
See LICENSE-LLVM.TXT for clang's license.
See LICENSE-CLAZY.txt for clazy's license.
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