1. 08 Apr, 2009 1 commit
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      Move stuff around · 8b27146b
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      * The krita file filter plugins are moved to krita/plugins/formats.
      They depend on the various krita libraries anyway, unlike, frex,
      the kword filters, and we too often forgot to check them when changing
      krita's api
      * rename the awkwardly named viewplugins to extensions, in line with
      the README in the plugins dir (which got extended with the remaining
      plugin types
      * move the painterly framework to extensions -- it feels more logical
      in that place.
      * move the 
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      Port++ · 84cf84ad
      Laurent Montel authored
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      qt3to4 · 00d7dded
      Laurent Montel authored
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  16. 27 Mar, 2006 1 commit
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      Adapt to kdelibs api · 67209c3c
      Laurent Montel authored
      (for kpresenter/karbon/kivio it's not a portage
      just change to kdelibs api (need for the future))
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=523044
  17. 22 Mar, 2006 1 commit
  18. 19 Mar, 2006 1 commit
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      * Make it possible to start long-running background filters for paint · aeb828f2
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      devices in certain colorspaces. Now I just have to debug wet.
      * Fix all memory leaks with undo transactions being new'ed, but never
      deleted or added to the undo stack
      * Fix memory leak in transform worker (colors** never got deleted)
      * Fix memory leak in adjustment filters: now the KisColorAdjustment gets
      * Review all filters for suitability when painting
      * Fix painting with filters so we don't create the lots of separate circles
      anymore (painting with brightness/contrast is still a lot slower than it
      should be)
      * Remove all spaces around ->, Cyrille and Casper will be happy now
      * Some work on the cubism filter to make it behave. Will finish this today.
      I hope.
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=520280
  19. 15 Feb, 2006 1 commit
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      * CMYK color adjustments don't work. Noted this in TODO · b36db9a7
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      * Added todo about issues with adjustment layers.
      * Added cheap and cheerful thread pool implementation
      * Made filters listview use threadpool, leading to added speed in popping up the dialog
      * Removed lots and lots of warnings
      * Moved the thumbnail method that produces paint devices to KisPaintDevice, preparatory
        to using it in the preview widget proper.
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      * Move the colorspaces to their own shared library. · b6553212
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
        There are still a few problems, because I made a few mistakes with
        file placing that I can only fix by committing, fixing and commiting.
        Also, the library isn't completely independent of the rest of Krita yet,
        see the TODO.
      * Add an uml diagram of the histogram design.
      * Add a meta registry -- that needs to be expanded so it becomes a central
        database for all the stuff we have in the myriad of singletons.
      * Fix the HACKING file about getters and setters to conform to Qt standards.
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=470933
  23. 12 Oct, 2005 3 commits
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      Now the dropshadow plugin works also on whole images. Thus the plugin can be... · fcee7617
      Michael Thaler authored
      Now the dropshadow plugin works also on whole images. Thus the plugin can be used to easily add dropshadows to images to make e.g. nice screenshots! It is still not really complete, but for most cases it should work now.
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=469909
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      Really nice, blurred dropshadows for Krita! I ported the gaussian blur filter... · e1cb768c
      Michael Thaler authored
      Really nice, blurred dropshadows for Krita! I ported the gaussian blur filter from gimp to blur the dropshadows and it works really nice and quickly now. To try it do something like: create an empty, transparent layer. Change the color to something like red and create a filled star. Go to Layers->Layer Effects->Add dropshadow and change the blur radius to something like 25 (and maybe the offset to something like 15). Voila, a wonderful dropshadow! TODO: the dropshadow is only blurred for objects smaller then the current layer. So adding a shadow to an image to make e.g. nice screenshots does not work easily right now (one can create a bigger layer, copy the image to that layer and use the dropshadows).
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=469881
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      I don't understand why "*.moc" were commented. · ef608c41
      Laurent Montel authored
      It compiles fine
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      First part of the big redesign of the histograms in Krita. This introduces a... · 95ca7abc
      Bart Coppens authored
      First part of the big redesign of the histograms in Krita. This introduces a lot of new classes, but now every basic colorspace now has a working histogram (except wetsticky, which combines channels of uints with floats and even an enums). This design also opens the door to some more advanced histogram features in Krita which would otherwise be harder to do.
      The histogram widget has now extra widgets to zoom in on histograms with more than 256 values for a channel, but don't expect anything polished because I plan refactoring the histogram widget and dialog in part two of the redesign.
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=459321
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  30. 26 Jul, 2005 1 commit
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      * Fix locking of tools when the layer is locked or invisible · 2e20d064
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      * Remove the wet paintbrush tool; it's sufficient to use the wet paintop
      * The fsf has moved house, or so Thomas tells me. I guess it's a pretty dumb
        idea to have such volatile information in all headers, but there you are.
        We're up-to-date again...
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=438821
  31. 17 Apr, 2005 1 commit
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      * Fixed a memory leak in the transform visitor. · 5c017d36
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      * Make clients responsible for allocating the memory they want to fill with readBytes:
        that'll larn them to clean up the memory after them.
      * Added Q_CHECK_PTR's around most non-gui memory allocations (and around quite
        a few GUI allocations. Next: Q_ASSERT's everywere!
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=405064
  34. 04 Dec, 2004 1 commit
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      * The channelinfo is now contained in a KisSharedPtrVector, instead of an array of pointers. · 9b1bbe3a
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      * All alpha settings now devolve onto the color strategies, and almost all of the color
        strategies now support functioning with and without alpha.
      * Removed the old channel & mask stubs that were never associated with any meaningful
        implementation. More API cleanups in KisImage.
      * Integrated new new image dialog with some new settings (but I still need to add
        those to the loading/saving in kisdoc)
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=368408
  35. 24 Nov, 2004 1 commit
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      * Added a bunch of icm profiles · fb4ae401
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      * First stab at code to merge two layers
      * Add profiles to factory
      * Rename ChannelInfo to KisChannelInfo
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=365801