1. 08 Apr, 2009 1 commit
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      Move stuff around · 8b27146b
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      * The krita file filter plugins are moved to krita/plugins/formats.
      They depend on the various krita libraries anyway, unlike, frex,
      the kword filters, and we too often forgot to check them when changing
      krita's api
      * rename the awkwardly named viewplugins to extensions, in line with
      the README in the plugins dir (which got extended with the remaining
      plugin types
      * move the painterly framework to extensions -- it feels more logical
      in that place.
      * move the 
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      KisMetaData: · 0f908b8d
      Cyrille Berger authored
      * schema are singleton hold in a registery, it makes more sense (I don't see any reason why inside Krita we might want to use different prefix for different uri, unless we want to increase the chance of getting bugs), and the code using KisMetaData feel lighter that way
      * entry are marked invalid if they are created by the default constructor
      * is ported to the new metadata framework 
      * create a dialog for editing metadata
      * invent a rc file format to specify the link between a widget and a metadata property
      * load multiple editors
      * synchronize editing fields when two fields are beeing edited
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      - introduce a new class : schema to hold information about schema... · 35c2ed08
      Cyrille Berger authored
      - introduce a new class : schema to hold information about schema (unfortunately XMP does not define a standard way to have validating schema :( )
      - in the store: 
       . don't inherit from QHash
       . add various functions to access the entries
       . add various functions to access the schemas of this store
      - kis_legacy_importer is supposed to hold a function for converting from the previous serialization in krita1.x, just include some dead commented code that I didn't want to loose for now
      - Entry and metadataeditor are adapted to use the schema and new api
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