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      debug-- · 839ef093
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
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      Add a legacy zip store that uses KArchive · 2ce21f05
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      KArchive's KZip cannot read all files that Quazip saves. This is
      a bug in KArchive, but it breaks older versions of krita that
      cannot load some files saved in 4.2 anymore. So, only use quazip
      if 64 bits saving is enabled.
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      Fix problems when loading Krita 4.1 files saved in non-utf-8 locales · f4a41941
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      Krita 4.1 has a bug where when the locale is not utf-8, the entries
      in the zip file entrylist are in the local locale, not utf-8. The
      image name is encoded in utf-8 in the maindoc.xml file, but the
      layers are, because of ancient history when more than one image
      could be stored in a kra file, in a subfolder with the image name.
      So, if the image name in utf-8 is different from the image name
      in the directory, quazip gets confused because it actually handles
      encoding correctly.
      Ark also cannot load kra files that are borked in this with.
      This hack substitutes the encoded name for the utf-8 name in the
      quazip store implementation, and now the files can load again.
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      Remove the last remnants of karchive · 3628c2c3
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      Use QuaZip instead of KArchive for ZIP64 support · 593dba2b
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      This makes it possible to save and load .kra files that are larger
      than 4GiB -- depending on available memory, of course. There is
      an option in the settings dialog to enable this; it's off by default
      because older versions of Krita cannot read Zip64 files.
      Note that everything that uses zip files now uses quazip, the
      karchive dependency is gone.
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      Make unit tests' names consistent · 46c27f94
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      TEST_NAME parameter should state **only** the actual name
      of the test without any prefixes. NAME_PREFIX should state \
      the prefix. And, no, we cannot shortcut the thing and concatenate
      the name and the prefix in TEST_NAME, because it will break actual
      tests' binary file names.
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      Remove KoXmlReader completely · e96b768e
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      Make Krita build with KOXML_USE_QDOM defined · 348a3591
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      This "fixes" all the places where KoXml::asQDomElement was used,
      which was broken. It looks like nobody built like this since, oh,
      2010 or so... It's a first step towards not using the KoXmlReader
      code at all anymore.
      There is no visible performance regression, but I didn't do real
      benchmarking. But at least, with the ifdef working, we can do
      benchmarking again.
      In the text shape, some parts are just rudely ifdeffed out, mostly
      to do with RDF, which krita doesn't need anyway, or changetracking,
      which krita also doesn't need.
      The really tricky bit is that in several places we used KoXmlDocument
      with stripSpaces set to true, and I'm not sure what not being able
      to set that flag will have.
      KOXML_USE_QDOM is defined now, so Wolthera can continue with
      the calligraphy tool; before merging to master, we should undefine
      it again. Maybe we should make it a cmake option, if we're not just
      going to remove KoXmlReader altogether.
      CC'ing the calligra developers since this might be of interest for
      Calligra, too: either calligra should remove KOXmlReaderForward.h,
      or make the ifdef work again -- which is likely much tricker than
      it was for krita.
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      BUG:376098 Warn the user when saving a read-only file · 2307e466
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      And use QSaveFile to be smart about the permissions and ownership.
      Note that this demands a very filthy hack for saving using KoStore:
      we need to make sure KArchive cannot close() the iodevice, because
      that aborts if it's a QSaveFile.
      For other file types, like tiff and exr, we cannot save to io
      devices, we can only pass filenames to the relevant libraries. For
      those, add a flag to KisImportExportFilter that IO devices aren't
      supported, but rather ignored.
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