Commit 4c41f0c1 authored by Anupam Basak's avatar Anupam Basak

Fix compilation warnings

parent 9967fc22
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ void LinuxInterface::getContacts()
const auto uri = model.get(i, KPeople::PersonsModel::PersonUriRole).toString();
KPeople::PersonData person(uri);
auto contact = FMH::MODEL {
QMultiHash contact = FMH::MODEL {
{FMH::MODEL_KEY::ID, person.personUri()}, {FMH::MODEL_KEY::N,}, {FMH::MODEL_KEY::EMAIL,}, {FMH::MODEL_KEY::TEL, person.contactCustomProperty("phoneNumber").toString()},
// {FMH::MODEL_KEY::PHOTO, person.pictureUrl().toString()}
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