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CONTRIBUTING: Manage provider list changes by project members

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......@@ -12,6 +12,16 @@ The provider list is the main resource of this project.
Thus, it should be revised as often as possible and providers must be checked carefully.
We welcome everybody to contribute to this project and encourage you to ask questions in [Kaidan's support group chat](!
Please [open an issue]( for each provider that should be added, updated or removed.
The issue's title should be of the form `providers: Add`, `providers: Update` or `providers: Remove`.
If the properties of a provider in the list have changed, they can be updated.
If a provider in the list does not exist anymore, it can be removed.
If a project member creates a merge request to address your issue, you should reply to any questions.
**The following sections are only relevant to project members.**
If you are familiar with Git, GitLab and XMPP, you can become a project member too.
Please get in touch with us!
## Setup
Please follow the steps explained in [Kaidan's basic contribution setup]( if you are unfamiliar with KDE Identity, GitLab or Git.
......@@ -50,7 +60,7 @@ Please read the [README](/ and stick to the following rules.
* A Git pre-commit hook is automatically run for identifying **syntax errors** and applying a consistent **format**.
* Use **different commits** for adding, updating and removing entries.
* If you add, update or remove entries, use the following **commit message**: `providers: Add / Update / Remove <added / updated / removed providers>` where `<added / updated / removed providers>` is replaced by the addresses of the providers or by `all providers`, each separated by a comma.
* [Create a merge request]( for each commit or provide us the information via another channel (chat, email, online resource).
* Create a merge request for each commit or provide us the information via another channel (chat, email, online resource).
#### Commit Message Examples:
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