Commit 5301e529 authored by Matthieu Gallien's avatar Matthieu Gallien 🎵

avoid metadata persisting in header bar when missing from playing track

Summary: ensure that if artist, albumArtist or title are empty, they become empty in header bar

Test Plan: play a track with all metadata and next a track without album metadata

Reviewers: #elisa, astippich, ngraham, jguidon

Reviewed By: #elisa, astippich

Differential Revision:
parent 2b01e6f9
......@@ -192,10 +192,10 @@ ApplicationWindow {
Layout.fillWidth: true
tracksCount: elisa.mediaPlayList.remainingTracks
album: elisa.manageHeaderBar.album
album: (elisa.manageHeaderBar.album !== undefined ? elisa.manageHeaderBar.album : '')
title: elisa.manageHeaderBar.title
artist: elisa.manageHeaderBar.artist
albumArtist: elisa.manageHeaderBar.albumArtist
artist: (elisa.manageHeaderBar.artist !== undefined ? elisa.manageHeaderBar.artist : '')
albumArtist: (elisa.manageHeaderBar.albumArtist !== undefined ? elisa.manageHeaderBar.albumArtist : '')
image: elisa.manageHeaderBar.image
albumID: elisa.manageHeaderBar.albumId
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