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Fix paste speed clip broken on comma locale

CCBUG: 418121
parent a13240c4
......@@ -705,6 +705,7 @@ void ClipModel::setFakePosition(int fid)
QDomElement ClipModel::toXml(QDomDocument &document)
QLocale locale;
QDomElement container = document.createElement(QStringLiteral("clip"));
container.setAttribute(QStringLiteral("binid"), m_binClipId);
container.setAttribute(QStringLiteral("id"), m_id);
......@@ -729,7 +730,7 @@ QDomElement ClipModel::toXml(QDomDocument &document)
container.setAttribute(QStringLiteral("speed"), m_speed);
container.setAttribute(QStringLiteral("speed"), locale.toString(m_speed));
if (!qFuzzyCompare(m_speed, 1.)) {
container.setAttribute(QStringLiteral("warp_pitch"), getIntProperty(QStringLiteral("warp_pitch")));
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