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    Gamut masking: mask rotation, advanced selector, tweaks · 5120b702
    Anna Medonosová authored
    This diff includes:
      - implementation for the advanced color selector (T9643),
      - common gamut masking toolbar for both advanced and artistic selectors (M135, M136),
      - mask rotation (as defined in T9642).
    There are also some minor tweaks:
      - adaptive highlight of selected swatches - dark when the selected color is light, light when the selected color is dark;
      - gamut mask preview while editing is always on;
      - the blip in the artistic color selector is always on;
      - the text size of the comparative gray scale in the artistic selector is computed so it fits inside the rectangles.
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    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D15860
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