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    2nd try of fixing color fluctuations in colorsmudge-dulling brushes · cc19c756
    Dmitry Kazakov authored
    Now the colorsmudge brush does all the blending in the high bit-depth
    colorspace. The patch introduces a special wrapper
    (KisPrecisePaintDeviceWrapper) that ensures a proper color space is used
    when needed. See the apidox in KisPrecisePaintDeviceWrapper.h.
    NOTE: this patch fixes **both** dulling and smearing modes!
    Test Plan:
    Needs to be tested:
    1) Colorsmudge brushes in Dulling mode with Color Rate option enabled
    2) Smudge Radius enabled or disabled: both should work correctly
    3) Opacity option should work correctly
    4) Overlay mode?
    Reviewers: #krita
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D9686
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