Commit 052f2f49 authored by Boudewijn Rempt's avatar Boudewijn Rempt

Remove duplicated statement

(cherry picked from commit 423c474205c0091b127aa90340b4c5e29f072e92)
parent 79f44ba0
......@@ -676,10 +676,6 @@ void KoTableCellStyle::loadOdfProperties(KoShapeLoadingContext &context, KoStyle
setRepeatContent(, "repeat-content") == "true");
if (styleStack.hasProperty(KoXmlNS::style, "repeat-content")) {
setRepeatContent(, "repeat-content") == "true");
if (styleStack.hasProperty(KoXmlNS::style, "decimal-places")) {
bool ok;
int value =, "decimal-places").toInt(&ok);
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