Commit 0d126f4f authored by Halla Rempt's avatar Halla Rempt
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Restore the new view action to the view menu

This probably was a victim of the de-kpartifying of calligra, and not
an intentional change.

Using the new view option makes Words crash though, on close. But since
the action was already available for toolbars or shortcuts, that's no
parent 3a2b556b
......@@ -2065,6 +2065,7 @@ void KoMainWindow::setActivePart(KoPart *part, QWidget *widget )
if (newPart && d->m_activeWidget && d->m_activeWidget->inherits("KoView")) {
d->activeView = qobject_cast<KoView *>(d->m_activeWidget);
d->activeView->actionCollection()->addAction("view_newview", actionCollection()->action("view_newview"));
d->activePart = newPart;
//kDebug(30003) <<"new active part is" << d->activePart;
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