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Consolidate all plugins together

Now we have only one plugin dir. The plugin dir now has the
great big include_directories list, but that's for fixing
later on.
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Too many changes to show.

To preserve performance only 1000 of 1000+ files are displayed.

......@@ -762,6 +762,10 @@ endif()
if (NOT WIN32)
add_subdirectory( benchmarks )
endif ()
......@@ -25,15 +25,10 @@ set(KRITA_INCLUDES
add_subdirectory( dtd )
add_subdirectory( plugins )
add_subdirectory( data )
add_subdirectory( integration )
add_subdirectory( pics/app )
if (NOT WIN32)
add_subdirectory( benchmarks )
endif ()
add_subdirectory( assistants )
add_subdirectory( filters )
add_subdirectory( tools )
add_subdirectory( extensions )
add_subdirectory( generators )
add_subdirectory( paintops )
add_subdirectory( formats )
add_subdirectory( colorspaces )
\mainpage About plugins
Plugins are components with a GUI that perform some action for Krita.
Note that plugins are only loaded when a KisView is constructed; note
also that every plugin is reloaded when a new KisView is created.
Plugins are _not_ allowed to depend on each other. You may _not_
#include a header file from a plugin anywhere but in that same plugin.
You can however choose to group a cluster of related functions in
one plugin, like with the selection tools.
There are several kinds of plugins for Krita:
* Tools
Tools have the Krita/Tool servicetype. A tool plugin registers
the tool factories it provides with the tool registry. A tool must descend
from the KisTool interface. There are several base classes for
specialized tools, like painting and non painting tools.
* Paintops
Paintops implement methods for changing pixels that can be used
by painting tools. Examples are brush, pen, airbrush. Paintop plugins
have the Krita/Paintop servicetype, register paintop factories they
provide the paintop registry. Paintops inherit KisPaintOp.
* Filters
Filters implement methods of changin a rectangular area of pixels. Filter
plugins have the Krita/Filter servicetype and are registered with
the filter registry. A filter inherits the KisFilter class and may
provide a configuration widget and a configuration object.
* Extensions
Extensions are loaded by every view instance. They provide user interface
elements such as dialog boxes and wizards. Their parent is KisView and
they provide an .rc file to merge their gui with the view gui. Extensions
have the servicetype Krita/Plugin.
* Formats
Formats are plugins for loading various graphics file formats, such as jpeg,
tiff or png
* Generators
Generators are plugins that can fill a certain area with a computed pattern
of pixels.
* Assistants
Assistants are plugins that constrain the freehand tool when painting in a
certain way
* \mainpage
# Copyright (c) 2010-2015, Gilles Caulier, <caulier dot gilles at gmail dot com>
# Redistribution and use is allowed according to the terms of the BSD license.
# For details see the accompanying COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS file.
message(STATUS "----------------------------------------------------------------------------------")
message(STATUS "Starting CMake configuration for: ${PROJECT_NAME}")
set(CMAKE_MIN_VERSION "2.8.12")
set(ECM_MIN_VERSION "1.1.0")
set(KF5_VERSION "5.1.0")