Commit 1464bed1 authored by Saurabh  Kumar's avatar Saurabh Kumar 😌 Committed by Boudewijn Rempt

Suggest to use transform mask on selecting transform tool on File Layer or Clone Layer

This message suggests to use transform mask instead of transform tool
on File layer or Clone Layer. Previous message misled users to assume
that transform operations can't be performed on File or Clone layer.

parent 2e501442
......@@ -754,7 +754,8 @@ void KisToolTransform::startStroke(ToolTransformArgs::TransformMode mode, bool f
i18nc("floating message in transformation tool",
"Layer type cannot use the transform tool"),
(currentNode->inherits("KisColorizeMask") ?
"Layer type cannot use the transform tool": "Use transform mask instead")),
koIcon("object-locked"), 4000, KisFloatingMessage::High);
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