Commit 3ddebdec authored by Mathias Wein's avatar Mathias Wein

Fix HSY selector modes

The RGB<=>HSY conversion really only works properly in linear RGB.
Gamma needs to be applied to Y', and is now taken from Advanced Color Selector

Luma coefficients are now fetched on reconfiguration instead of every single
color conversion.

Caveat: Some color profiles like "ITUR_2100_PQ_FULL.ICC" define no colorants
and hence they cannot be linearized with the current implementation.
A substitution of color spaces like the Small Color Selector does seems
unavoidable in the long run...

(cherry picked from commit 6a660c25f68396d7fdb9fcce69048b5ee8d4637a)
parent 66b75ec1
......@@ -57,8 +57,11 @@ struct KisVisualColorSelector::Private
bool exposureSupported {false};
bool isRGBA {false};
bool isLinear {false};
bool applyGamma {false};
int displayPosition[4]; // map channel index to storage index for display
int colorChannelCount {0};
qreal gamma {2.2};
qreal lumaRGB[3] {0.2126, 0.7152, 0.0722};
QVector4D channelValues;
QVector4D channelMaxValues;
ColorModel model {ColorModel::None};
......@@ -182,15 +185,27 @@ KoColor KisVisualColorSelector::convertShapeCoordsToKoColor(const QVector4D &coo
else /*if (m_d->model == ColorModel::HSY)*/ {
QVector <qreal> luma= m_d->currentCS->lumaCoefficients();
qreal temp[3];
HSYToRGB(coordinates.x(), coordinates.y(), coordinates.z(), &temp[0], &temp[1], &temp[2],
luma[0], luma[1], luma[2]);
qreal Y = pow(coordinates.z(), m_d->gamma);
HSYToRGB(coordinates.x(), coordinates.y(), Y, &temp[0], &temp[1], &temp[2],
m_d->lumaRGB[0], m_d->lumaRGB[1], m_d->lumaRGB[2]);
if (!m_d->isLinear) {
// Note: not all profiles define a TRC necessary for (de-)linearization,
// substituting with a linear profiles would be better
QVector<qreal> temp({baseValues[0], baseValues[1], baseValues[2]});
if (m_d->exposureSupported) {
else {
baseValues = QVector4D(temp[0], temp[1], temp[2], 0);
if (m_d->isLinear) {
if (m_d->applyGamma) {
for (int i=0; i<3; i++) {
baseValues[i] = pow(baseValues[i], 2.2);
......@@ -230,7 +245,7 @@ QVector4D KisVisualColorSelector::convertKoColorToShapeCoordinates(KoColor c) co
if (m_d->model != ColorModel::Channel && m_d->isRGBA == true) {
if (m_d->isRGBA == true) {
if (m_d->isLinear) {
if (m_d->applyGamma) {
for (int i=0; i<3; i++) {
channelValuesDisplay[i] = pow(channelValuesDisplay[i], 1/2.2);
......@@ -250,9 +265,17 @@ QVector4D KisVisualColorSelector::convertKoColorToShapeCoordinates(KoColor c) co
RGBToHSI(channelValuesDisplay[0], channelValuesDisplay[1], channelValuesDisplay[2], &hsi[0], &hsi[1], &hsi[2]);
coordinates = QVector4D(hsi[0], hsi[1], hsi[2], 0.f);
} else if (m_d->model == ColorModel::HSY) {
QVector <qreal> luma = m_d->currentCS->lumaCoefficients();
if (!m_d->isLinear) {
// Note: not all profiles define a TRC necessary for (de-)linearization,
// substituting with a linear profiles would be better
QVector<qreal> temp({channelValuesDisplay[0], channelValuesDisplay[1], channelValuesDisplay[2]});
channelValuesDisplay = QVector4D(temp[0], temp[1], temp[2], 0);
qreal hsy[3];
RGBToHSY(channelValuesDisplay[0], channelValuesDisplay[1], channelValuesDisplay[2], &hsy[0], &hsy[1], &hsy[2], luma[0], luma[1], luma[2]);
RGBToHSY(channelValuesDisplay[0], channelValuesDisplay[1], channelValuesDisplay[2], &hsy[0], &hsy[1], &hsy[2],
m_d->lumaRGB[0], m_d->lumaRGB[1], m_d->lumaRGB[2]);
hsy[2] = pow(hsy[2], 1/m_d->gamma);
coordinates = QVector4D(hsy[0], hsy[1], hsy[2], 0.f);
// if we couldn't determine a hue, keep last value
......@@ -459,9 +482,15 @@ void KisVisualColorSelector::slotRebuildSelectors()
//Triangle only really works in HSV mode.
// L*a*b* mimics the HSX selector types, but model is still Channel
// L*a*b* mimics the HSX selector types, but model is still Channel (until someone implements LCH)
if (m_d->isRGBA) {
m_d->model = modelS;
m_d->gamma = cfg.readEntry("gamma", 2.2);
m_d->applyGamma = (m_d->isLinear && modelS != ColorModel::HSY);
// Note: only profiles that define colorants will give precise luma coefficients.
// Maybe using the explicitly set values of the Advanced Color Selector is better?
QVector <qreal> luma = m_d->currentCS->lumaCoefficients();
memcpy(m_d->lumaRGB, luma.constData(), 3*sizeof(qreal));
KisVisualColorSelectorShape *bar;
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