Commit 3def70fa authored by Dmitry Kazakov's avatar Dmitry Kazakov
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Set "Show in Timeline" to "on" by default

During the sprint we discussed that with painters and they said that
it would be much easier for them if all the layers would be visible
in the timeline by default. If the user can always hide a layer if
he likes.
parent 38480887
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ struct Q_DECL_HIDDEN KisBaseNode::Private
, collapsed(false)
, supportsLodMoves(false)
, animated(false)
, useInTimeline(false)
, useInTimeline(true)
, image(image)
......@@ -135,5 +135,5 @@ void TimelineFramesIndexConverter::notifyDummyRemoved(KisNodeDummy *dummy)
bool TimelineFramesIndexConverter::isDummyVisible(KisNodeDummy *dummy) const
return dummy->node()->useInTimeline() || dummy == m_activeDummy;
return (dummy->node()->useInTimeline() && dummy->parent()) || dummy == m_activeDummy;
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