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Add documentation about our tangle of paintop option options...
parent e394b5a3
......@@ -29,5 +29,25 @@ option provides a graphical view for editing that option (as a page
in an option popup) and possible also the code necessary for applying
the effects of that option to the paint device as part of painting.
The following classes are important:
<li>KisPaintOp: this is the engine for a certain kind of brush. It will
be created in non-gui threads and keeps its state in a KisPaintOpSettings
<li>KisPaintOpSettings: this is a KisPropertiesConfiguration subclass that
stores the settings for all the options that make up a paintop.
<li>Classes derived from KisPaintOpOption. These classes create a configuration
widget. That means that you cannot construct any those objects in a
KisPaintOp. KisPaintOps are created in non-gui threads.
<li>Classes derived from KisCurveOption.KisCurveOption classes have a generic GUI widget,
KisCurveOptionWidget. So, in contrast to KisPaintOpOption classes, KisCurveOption
instances can and will be created in the constructor of KisPaintOp paintops.
This class can manage to read and write its settings directly.
<li>Classes derived from KisPaintopPropertiesBase. These classes are non-gui,
and can read and write KisPropertiesConfiguration objects created by
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