Commit 779f7394 authored by Script Kiddy's avatar Script Kiddy

SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)

parent c4d22051
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Web Design [ 2160x1440 , 72ppi RGB , 8bit ]
Name[ca]=Disseny Web [ 2160x1440 / 72ppi RGB / 8bit ]
Name[cs]=Návrh webu [ 2160x1440 , 72ppi RGB , 8bit ]
Name[de]=Web-Design [ 2160x1440 , 72ppi RGB , 8bit ]
Name[it]=Progettazione web [ 2160x1440 , 72ppi RGB , 8bit ]
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Krita TGA Export Filter
Name[ca]=Filtre d'exportació TGA per al Krita
Name[cs]=Exportní filtr do formátu TGS pro Kritu
Name[de]=Krita TGA-Exportfilter
Name[it]=Filtro di esportazione TGA per Krita
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Krita TGA Import Filter
Name[ca]=Filtre d'importació TGA per al Krita
Name[cs]=Importní filtr formátu TGA pro Kritu
Name[de]=Krita TGA-Importfilter
Name[it]=Filtro di importazione TGA per Krita
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Resource Manager
Name[ca]=Gestor de recursos
Name[cs]=Správce zdrojů
Name[it]=Gestore delle risorse
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