Commit 9526f28e authored by Anna Medonosová's avatar Anna Medonosová Committed by Anna Medonosová

On Android, default to TouchGesture for Kinetic Scrolling

Previously, the default for KineticScrollingGesture was
MiddleMouseButtonGesture. This commit changes the default to
TouchGesture on Android and leaves MiddleMouseButtonGesture on other
parent 4c715c4c
......@@ -1856,7 +1856,13 @@ void KisConfig::setKineticScrollingEnabled(bool value)
int KisConfig::kineticScrollingGesture(bool defaultValue) const
return (defaultValue ? 2 : m_cfg.readEntry("KineticScrollingGesture", 2));
int defaultGesture = 0; // TouchGesture
int defaultGesture = 2; // MiddleMouseButtonGesture
return (defaultValue ? defaultGesture : m_cfg.readEntry("KineticScrollingGesture", defaultGesture));
void KisConfig::setKineticScrollingGesture(int gesture)
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