Commit c629a47b authored by Halla Rempt's avatar Halla Rempt

BUG:342741 don't crash when merging a multi-selection

If the active layer's parent is in the multi-selection, we shouldn't
try to anchor the merged layer to the parent, because it'll be deleted,
parent f5228a44
......@@ -928,8 +928,17 @@ void KisNodeManager::mergeLayerDown()
// start a big macro
m_d->commandsAdapter->beginMacro(kundo2_i18n("Merge Selected Nodes"));
// Add the new merged node on top of the active node
m_d->commandsAdapter->addNode(flattenLayer, l->parent(), l);
// Add the new merged node on top of the active node -- checking whether the parent is in the selection
KisNodeSP parent = l->parent();
while (selectedNodes.contains(parent)) {
parent = parent->parent();
if (parent == l->parent()) {
m_d->commandsAdapter->addNode(flattenLayer, parent, l);
else {
m_d->commandsAdapter->addNode(flattenLayer, parent, parent->lastChild());
// remove all nodes in the selection but the active node
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