Commit e7c035c9 authored by Michael Abrahams's avatar Michael Abrahams

Fix wintab handling with QT_SCALE_FACTOR

parent e385070b
......@@ -709,7 +709,15 @@ bool QWindowsTabletSupport::translateTabletPacketEvent()
// in which case we snap the position to the mouse position.
// It seems there is no way to find out the mode programmatically, the LOGCONTEXT orgX/Y/Ext
// area is always the virtual desktop.
const QRect virtualDesktopArea = mapToNative(qApp->primaryScreen()->virtualGeometry(), dpr);
const QPlatformScreen *platformScreen = qApp->primaryScreen()->handle();
const qreal dpr = qApp->primaryScreen()->devicePixelRatio();
QRect virtualDesktopArea = platformScreen->geometry();
Q_FOREACH(auto s, platformScreen->virtualSiblings()) {
virtualDesktopArea |= s->geometry();
const Qt::KeyboardModifiers keyboardModifiers = QApplication::queryKeyboardModifiers();
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