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    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Refactor KisPaintInformation to not keep a link to KisDistanceInformation · 18e3c7a1
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      We still need to register/unregister the distance information into the
      paint information, but the link is not kept. The paint information is
      just initialized with the values from the distance information and since
      that moment the sensors like drawingAngle() can work independently from
      the distance information. It means that one can *copy* paint information
      and it will still be fully capable.
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    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Move kritaimage to libs · b46898a0
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      This shows up a bunch of other problems with alien includes. Some
      tests have been disabled (marked "kisdoc") because they needed
  13. 04 Sep, 2015 1 commit
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Port away from kdebug to qcdebug · 4fa86a75
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      The approach taken is a bit different from what's in the porting
      scripts or in pigment: I've moved kis_debug to libglobal and adapted
      the dbgKrita etc. defines to use qcDebug etc. I've kept the old
      category numbers for now. I've also ported all places where we
      used kDebug() etc. directly, and not a few places where qDebug() etc
      were used directly.
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  15. 02 Aug, 2015 1 commit
    • Wolthera van Hövell's avatar
      Merge in krita-testing-wolthera (squashed)(GSoC 2015) · 4cce8ca1
      Wolthera van Hövell authored
      This implements the Tangent Normal Brush Engine, a normalize filter, a tilt-cursor
      and modifications to the phongbumpmap filter.
      Squashed commit of the following:
      commit 3527bbf5acd3f49047a0c07547e9b5d515d100d8
      Author: Wolthera van Hövell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sun Aug 2 18:30:53 2015 +0200
          Add some Tangent Normal factory presets.
          Otherwise it won't revert to default right.
      commit cbd37351e63c86c6201f60ac6410ad72c3fb9c2a
      Merge: 7477061 8c8b58c
      Author: Wolthera van Hövell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sun Aug 2 17:32:40 2015 +0200
          Merge branch 'calligra/2.9' into krita-testing-wolthera
      commit 74770618d639ac0da6e51f432e17f2c84da56e21
      Author: Wolthera van Hövell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sun Aug 2 17:20:04 2015 +0200
          Turn the Swizzle Preview into a Widget extending QLabel
          This allows for it to update instantly when the comboboxes update.
      commit 38d0415bed146c879a3a4cc09219fc3023b644f3
      Author: Wolthera van Hövell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sun Aug 2 16:38:52 2015 +0200
          Make drawing angle to be influenced by the canvas angle.
          I did this because it was akward to use otherwise.
          This doesn't apply to the tilt/direction mix. So if people want the original behaviour
          they can use this one.
      commit 24ad0a1b60089a338a4b36c3975bf27ffbbba7c0
      Author: Wolthera van Hövell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Wed Jul 29 15:27:56 2015 +0200
          Fix normalise to work with floating point.
          It still doesn't output to 0-1 like you'd expect, but at the least it works a bit better.
      commit b8dbceed68545bc8f51de35c9c77de329fd5050e
      Author: Wolthera van Hövell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Tue Jul 28 23:00:55 2015 +0200
          Add Normalize Filter
          This filter takes the values of the channel and assigns them to a Qvector3d
          This is then normalizes, and those values are fed back into a color.
          This asures that the values are proper normal values.
          Doesn't work with float spaces yet, for some inexplicable reason
      commit abf94976c34c2e7873c554b6123dd672d739e0d8
      Author: Wolthera van Hövell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Tue Jul 28 18:03:43 2015 +0200
          Can't figure out how to deal with preview updating...
      commit 017ba62f4d1bbb5b3d32501d63bbbaa73fa16243
      Author: Wolthera van Hövell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Tue Jul 28 17:11:55 2015 +0200
          BUG 338011: Fix sharpness-mirror mode option
          Turns out that to render a mirrored mask, you need to actually render it.
      commit ffb42bcf8f55efd67442fec9fa8e0d507e3f72ca
      Author: Wolthera van Hövell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Tue Jul 28 16:48:50 2015 +0200
          Make sharpness work for tangent tilt option
      commit 66e001802aaf2cc990349cac971e06a22bcbf96f
      Author: Wolthera van Hövell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Tue Jul 28 16:22:35 2015 +0200
          Removed variables that weren't used, and noted variables that were used
          but not recognised by the compiler as Q_UNUSED
      commit 3becd0e6be39e8d19c90bf8a4495bbf4bb2bb2c5
      Author: Wolthera van Hövell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Tue Jul 28 16:02:53 2015 +0200
          Make it use the 8bit variety of the image colour space if the image colour space is RGBA
          So a CMYKA space will get sRGB, but a linear sRGB space will use the right profile.
      commit 4b6ec179ef9b43195089bcf3ab413e4cf0933680
      Author: Wolthera van Hövell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Tue Jul 28 15:21:42 2015 +0200
          Convert radian formula to use kis_global
          Remove todos in comments associated.
      commit ce7bc9d848bb0f0f9b37ed81932543f0aa224bd0
      Author: Wolthera van Hövell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Tue Jul 28 14:49:12 2015 +0200
          Change elevation to 1 slider and add tilt/direction mix
          Elevation is now not a range of two items, but rather a slider that
          is full range at 100% and only purple at 0%.
          Direction/Tilt mix will mix the drawing angle and tilt sensors.
      commit 1876187dd7ddc6eaa1d6977d43bb951ac2edba1b
      Author: Wolthera van Hövell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Tue Jul 28 12:41:23 2015 +0200
          Fix bug with direction taking 90 for the elevation
          This made it not work with the geometric tools.
          Ref T87
      commit ec867a1449dc511bd69e917618a2ec4008b89c01
      Author: Wolthera van Hövell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sun Jul 26 11:01:59 2015 +0200
          Adding a preview to the tangent tilt options
      commit d4807cca6b29496bfa24f1982271e03e7cf90e9c
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Mon Jul 20 20:57:03 2015 +0200
          make tilt cursor also work for chalk.
          Fixes T88
      commit d582e731c3736be676d9d5604eba9ef8fafa06da
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Mon Jul 20 20:46:44 2015 +0200
          Add more options to the tangent normal map brush.
      commit 5956a9e6c55f815f19e68556582e67908e6f1201
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Mon Jul 20 15:17:19 2015 +0200
          Adding tilt-cursor to other brushengines, removing colour cursor entry
      commit d6f9bbec74bc977441e3863a17d4e45e74a490e0
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sun Jul 19 21:13:06 2015 +0200
          Make rotation work with symettry multibrush
          Doesn't work with the snowflake and mirror options, but that's not as
          important as the symettry brush.
          fixes T130
      commit 39727914ef052e164e88ec54794c3ff8049ea8b6
      Merge: fb20900 e797d28
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sun Jul 19 16:12:04 2015 +0200
          Merge branch 'calligra/2.9' into krita-testing-wolthera
      commit fb2090038f234b4769c58786d09a26241fef0895
      Merge: 5dccb19 32ef906
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sun Jun 28 14:20:15 2015 +0200
          Merge branch 'calligra/2.9' into krita-testing-wolthera
      commit 5dccb19e7b01627a72af5687fa154ce150c41a72
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sun Jun 21 12:58:01 2015 +0200
          Fix the lights of the phongbumpmap filter for normalmaps
          I still don't like pentalis' way of handling the angle, but
          at the least this works fully now!
      commit f0c4531618ff3c5517cc1e7fba31c2fdab1376be
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sun Jun 21 00:16:59 2015 +0200
          make some minor changes to the pixel processor
          still not right though
      commit a67f8a146d5bddd2d217b4c35a074f32b29777ca
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sat Jun 20 21:13:15 2015 +0200
          Initial attempt to make the phong-bump-map filter accept normal maps
          This allow it to preview normal maps of course, and the result is a little smoother
          it still has issues with the lighting though
      commit 0a660ad7f5900cf0adeab4f46f0870fdef816eb5
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sat Jun 20 15:07:25 2015 +0200
          removing unused functionality from the phong bumpmap filter
          otherwise I can't tell what's up or down anymore
      commit 6e0a1fc3cd8a2aeba2e2aaad30140d9b45b23ca9
      Author: Boudewijn Rempt <boud@valdyas.org>
      Date:   Sat Jun 20 12:05:53 2015 +0200
      commit b5c14decc028d18f3c3f1eec7c5d42e7f20affd1
      Merge: bfbc94f 003f921
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sat Jun 20 10:39:13 2015 +0200
          Merge branch 'calligra/2.9' into krita-testing-wolthera
      commit bfbc94f687d7cade4400b20fd12de20e8cac9df0
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Tue Jun 16 18:54:25 2015 +0200
          Refactor the tangent tilt and canvas rotation involvement
          Now, the tangent tilt option understands how to mirror itself, and can be used
          in the mirror mode, as well, the multi-brush now can pass correctly rotated
          values to the tangent tilt, but it doesn't understand how to mirror for
          various reasons.
          Ref T130
          Ref T87
      commit 31ee7e8a761fa9bfae6e85ef4cfaf236bc80fdd9
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Tue Jun 16 01:14:08 2015 +0200
          Initial Implementation Tilt Cursor
          It's a little ugly, but it works for all brush-based paintops. I need to go
          back and modify tilt_option more to work with the mirror mode now. Also
          implemented strings for the color cursor, let's see where that is going to
          lead us...
          Ref T88
          Ref T87
      commit 6de9aa089ac2ec9b708869df974cb41e2dbe7b8f
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Wed Jun 10 15:22:20 2015 +0200
          delete log files
      commit 3f74928a8313462ce0574dbefd02cc246ec7df7b
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Wed Jun 10 15:17:23 2015 +0200
          Revive Tangent Normal Brush Engine with 2.9.5 optimisations included
          fixes T335
      commit 6edac51708995d180a4bff387d57ff3fb263e0c0
      Merge: 93cbe39 dfb4ad6
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Wed Jun 10 13:57:51 2015 +0200
          Merge branch 'calligra/2.9' into krita-testing-wolthera
      commit 93cbe392da36c3b11437f3b7ca895379656fda9c
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sat May 16 21:23:00 2015 +0200
          Implement elevation limiter.
          I tried implementing the direction limiter, but it doesn't work.
          Also figured out the defaults issue: It doesn't retreive from a kpp though.
          Maybe that is broken? Anyway, got nice defaults in place now.
          Ref T129
          Fixes T165
      commit 523b67164ee27485ae81cff6323abd4992ce0372
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sat May 16 17:00:59 2015 +0200
          Let the tangent tilt be affect by the angle of the canvas
          Doesn't work for the multi-hand and figure drawing tools yet.
          ref T130
      commit 527bbdd33f8b0ab1f3076000476ddad99eeee982
      Merge: a9142e0 162244f
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sat May 16 14:15:41 2015 +0200
          Merge branch 'calligra/2.9' into krita-testing-wolthera
      commit a9142e09f7129392bbff0b7113e8e0794fe42330
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sun Apr 26 19:50:53 2015 +0200
          Added tangent swizzle functionality.
          Several things are added in this commit:
          1. A UI for tangent normal map options.
          2. The option to switch tangent encoding.
          3. The ability to use tilt-direction, drawing angle or rotation for the
          direction parameter.
          4. A default brush for the tangent normal brush engine, but no clue how
          this is supossed to work...
      commit 9cb2eb673184a07f2f4f5dbdc66878514e8bd7f9
      Merge: c1f9702 a76adc6
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sun Apr 26 14:38:40 2015 +0200
          Merge branch 'calligra/2.9' into krita-testing-wolthera
      commit c1f9702af512d7f253e930c18202ec6a0c3c1856
      Merge: 5642267 697f455
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sun Apr 26 14:25:51 2015 +0200
          Merge branch 'calligra/2.9' into krita-testing-wolthera
      commit 56422672c5cb245b58d0c300753a957230cbd4a9
      Author: Wolthera van Hovell <griffinvalley@gmail.com>
      Date:   Fri Apr 24 14:57:29 2015 +0200
          First commit tangent normal brush.
          It... paints, takes tilt as input, and paints the right colour...
          There's still a lot to be done though.
  16. 23 Jul, 2015 1 commit
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Redesigned random source sharing for paint info objects · fd8d0187
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      Now we don't create a separate random source for each incoming paint
      info, but have two random sources per stroke. One for LoD0 and another
      for LoDN counterpart.
      This solves numerous bugs when due to spacing drifts a different dab
      was chosen and, therefore, a wrong random source became involved into
      the process.
  17. 20 Jul, 2015 1 commit
  18. 17 Jul, 2015 1 commit
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Fixed LoD painting for Imagepipe and Text Brushes · 4f654c3f
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      Now every KisPainInformation has it's own source of random numbers,
      which must be used by all the paint ops and brushes. The sharing and
      forking of the source is performed automatically by the c-tor of the
      NOTE: all this 'painting source' adventure is based on an assumption that
            painting on a scaled down plan scales linearly, and therefore the
            number of calls to the random source will be strictly the same.
            This is true for most of the brushes, but some settings can break
            this assumption, e.g. if we have Auto Spacing (which is non-linear)
            or if we add some weird sensor to Spacing option.
  19. 22 Jun, 2015 1 commit
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      [FEATURE] Make brush 'speed' sensor work · 7dac9c2f
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      Implemented a complex smoothing algorithm for speed sensor,
      which makes Speed work almost perfectly.
      The smoothing is two-stage:
      1) Calculate the distance of the path connecting last 10 points
         (but not longer than 300px).
      2) Divide the distance by time value and smooth the result further
         with 10 previous values
  20. 18 Apr, 2015 1 commit
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  23. 20 Oct, 2014 1 commit
    • Mohit Goyal's avatar
      Squashed commit and merged krita-mohit-testing into master. Introduces two · 74848d9a
      Mohit Goyal authored
      new features :
      Dirty Presets : Keeps temporary tweaks made to the preset till the session ends
          Go to the Brush Editor box. Bottom left -- select "Temporarily save tweaks made to presets"
          Any time you make a change to any setting in the preset -- the textbox will turn pink and a "+" symbol will appear on the icon. The Reload button is used to reset the tweaks for that particular preset
      Locked Settings : Keeps settings constant across presets
          In the brush editor box, for any paint option like "Size" on the left, there will be a "link" icon. Right click on that option to Lock the option. Now that particular setting will remain constant across all presets. If you cange it in one preset - the changes will reflect across all presets.
          To unlock any option : right click on a locked option and click on Drop Locked Settings. You can either use these settings in the preset or load the last settings available in the preset.
      Cumulative Undo/Redo
      1. To use this feature, you will have to first have to go to Settings->Dockers->Undo History to activate the docker.
      2. Next right click on <empty> or on any stroke in the undo docker and select "Use Cumulative Undo/Redo"
      3. This feature merges commands together so the the user doesn't have to undo a particular group one by one and has a much larger undo history than the initial 30 strokes. The feature works on three configurable parameters :
      Time before merging strokes together : While strokes are made, the code keeps checking for a particular timelapse of T seconds before it merges the groups together
      Time to group the strokes : According to this parameter -- groups are made. Every stroke is put into the same group till two consecutive strokes have a time gap of more than T seconds. Then a new group is started.
      Individual strokes to leave at the end : A user may want to keep the ability of Undoing/Redoing his last N strokes. Once N is crossed -- the earlier strokes are merged into the group's first stroke.
  24. 04 Oct, 2014 1 commit
  25. 11 Jul, 2014 1 commit
  26. 27 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      [FEATURE] Implemented "Delayed Stroke" feature for brush smoothing · 411a7016
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      This patch adds two improvements to the Stabilizer algorithm implemented
      by Juan Luis Boya García:
      1) "Delayed Stroke" feature. If enabled the brush has a dead zone, where
         nothing is painted. This is extremely handy when one needs to paint
         a smooth line with explicit angles.
      2) "Finish line" option for the brush stanilizer. When option is disabled,
         the line will not jump to the cursor position in the end of the stroke.
  27. 07 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  28. 07 Jan, 2014 1 commit
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Probably fix the Ascension sensor in Hover mode · e4788a6b
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      This patch passes the real tablet event to the outline generator
      in hovering mode, so if your tablet supports rotational sensors it
      the outline will be generated accordingly.
      Please someone test it with a proper Tablet Device.
  29. 29 Dec, 2013 1 commit
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Fixed the irritating outline blinking in hovering mode · 28799f72
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      Now KisPaintInformation can tell the sensors whether it was created
      for hovering mode or for a usual painting mode. The sersors can decide
      how to behave basing on this info. For example, Fuzzy sensor will return
      unit value in non-painting mode.
  30. 08 Nov, 2013 1 commit
  31. 07 Nov, 2013 1 commit
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      New implementation of the brush outline display · 6593a82f
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      This patch effectively fixes two things:
      1) Makes the outline painted correctly of rotated/mirrored canvas or/and dab.
         This is achieved by using a special class for making all the transforms.
         The class is called KisCurrentOulineFetcher.
      2) Fixes the Drawing Angle sensor on the mirrored canvas, which has become
         broken quite recently.
  32. 06 Aug, 2013 1 commit
  33. 03 Aug, 2013 1 commit
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Fixed Speed, Distance and Drawing Angle sensors · 327f800d
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      This patch makes the following user-visible changes:
      1) Speed and Distance sensors are fixed
      2) Drawing Angle sensor became much more stable and smooth
      3) Drawing Angle sensor works right on the rotated canvas
      Technical details:
      This patch hugely refactors the distance information part of
      our painting system. The two most significant changes:
      1) KisPaintInformation doesn't have movement() method, because it
         used to get inconsistent *very* fast when the lien was split into
         chunks in paintBezierCurve. The access to drawingDistance(),
         drawingAngle() and drawingSpeep() parameters is provided only by means
         of teh associated KisDistanceInformation.
      2) (follows from the point 1) From now on paintAt() function also accepts
          KisDistanceInformation object, because otherwise it will not be able
          to access the calculated parameters.
  34. 31 Dec, 2012 1 commit
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  39. 28 Feb, 2010 1 commit