1. 15 Jun, 2012 15 commits
  2. 13 Jun, 2012 3 commits
    • Thorsten Zachmann's avatar
      Fix regression in 878f2bf8471e9815cc35d25ae85ed6dd0672c5c7 · 29f733bc
      Thorsten Zachmann authored
      In the commit 878f2bf8471e9815cc35d25ae85ed6dd0672c5c7 I added a new member to KoGenStyle.
      If that is done also the operators == and < should be updated to also check for the member.
    • Thorsten Zachmann's avatar
      Fix saving of style child elements · f43593b9
      Thorsten Zachmann authored
      When saving style child elements the child elements where always saved into the default property. However this is not correct as the output of Jos tests shows
      [01:53:45]: kofficetests-odp (17s)
      [01:53:45]: [kofficetests-odp] odf/odp/114096.odp
      [01:53:45]: [odf/odp/114096.odp]
          INVALIDSTYLESXML: (unknown file):267: error: element "style:tab-stops" not allowed here; expected the element end-tag or element "style:background-image", "style:columns" or "text:list-style"
          INVALIDCONTENTXML: (unknown file):1061: error: element "style:tab-stops" not allowed here; expected the element end-tag or element "style:background-image", "style:columns" or "text:list-style"
                             (unknown file):1081: error: element "style:tab-stops" not allowed here; expected the element end-tag or element "style:background-image", "style:columns" or "text:list-style"
      The problem is that the stye:tab-stops are added to the graphic properties but should be added to the paragraph properties.
      This patch adds the possibility to define the property the child elements should be added too.
    • Paul Mendez's avatar
      Additional quick action buttons when mouse is over items, in Stage · 3ba958e8
      Paul Mendez authored
      slides sorter.
      Stage slides sorter has +/- buttons that appear when you move the mouse
      over an item to allow you select or deselect multiple items without
      using the keyboard.  This patch add extra actions (remove/duplicate
      slide and start slideshow from here) like gwenview, digikam quick actions.
      REVIEW: 103538
      GUI: Hover buttons for quick actions in Stage Slide Sorter
  3. 12 Jun, 2012 3 commits
    • Matus Uzak's avatar
      Let's use draw:opacity instead of draw:transparency. · bdfe2db4
      Matus Uzak authored
      The draw:transparency property is not present in ODF 1.2 and ODF 1.1.
    • Gopalakrishna Bhat A's avatar
      Fix broken unit test. · a873f51d
      Gopalakrishna Bhat A authored
      Now the default display level is 1
    • C. Boemann's avatar
      Use an infinite canvas for kopageapps · 2ca718d3
      C. Boemann authored
      KoPageApp applications Stage and Flow used to have extra space reserved around the page/slide
      so objects could be put there. However that made it really hard for the user to work with.
      This patch changes that so there is no space around the page/slide. But instead you can drag
      objects outside the page/slide without any limit at all.
      REVIEW: 104928
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  5. 10 Jun, 2012 3 commits
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