1. 15 Jun, 2012 3 commits
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  15. 11 May, 2012 2 commits
    • Halla Rempt's avatar
      Explicitly show menubar and statusbar on window close · 76e6b58e
      Halla Rempt authored
      If people hide the menubar in one way or another and then close the
      app and don't get it back on startup they will get confused and won't
      know how to restore it.
      Same for the statusbar.
    • Halla Rempt's avatar
      Make docker positions stable for canvas-only mode · fe19e9e6
      Halla Rempt authored
      Using Sven's suggestion, we now save the docker state before hiding
      the dockers; on unhide, we restore the state. If we merely show the
      dockers, Qt's layout system messes up the docker's size and position.
  16. 10 May, 2012 2 commits
    • C. Boemann's avatar
      Make sure the KoVariables catches info about changes in author, now · 7181a439
      C. Boemann authored
      that it is no long being actively edited in the KoDocumentInfo but
      rather via KConfig
    • Halla Rempt's avatar
      Fix issues with recovering autosave files · a703af66
      Halla Rempt authored
      1) X-KDE-NativeExtension can be empty, in that case take mime->mainExtension.
      Otherwise our autosave files are called .autosave, and that's not something
      the filter's mime detection can handle
      2) don't overwrite autosave files when running multiple unnamed modified
      3) tag the autosave files with the pid and use dbus to check which processes
      that have autosave files are still active; don't offer to recover those
      4) show the autosave files in a nice dialog with the ora/odf thumbnail
      as a preview, and offer to recover them all.
  17. 06 May, 2012 2 commits
    • C. Boemann's avatar
      Ciao Luca, eccolo: · 46dfad47
      C. Boemann authored
      Make more space in the modebox docker by removing margins and the indent
    • C. Boemann's avatar
      Make author information configurable on a settings level. · 5a665950
      C. Boemann authored
      The Document Information dialog's Author tab becomes read only and just shows who
      last saved the document.
      The author information is shared across all calligra apps, and can hold any number of
      author profiles. The user creates and deletes author profiles through the settings dialog.
      The profiles are stored in the calligra wide config.
      In the settings menu a submenu should be added where you can choose the active profile.
      The active profile is stored in the application's config.
      It also solves the bug (no number) that save cycles number was never incremented
  18. 03 May, 2012 2 commits
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  20. 26 Apr, 2012 1 commit