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      Implement prefiltering algorithms for Lazy Fill Tool · 42a63fff
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      Now colorize mask has several options:
      * "Edge detection (px)" --- if activated, the mask tries to find edges of
        the filled areas in the source image. This option should be activated
        **only** if the source image has vast areas filled with (almost) solid
        Important: in case you image is a mixture of lines and solid blobs, make
                   sure that the "size" of edge detection filter is set to the
                   size of the lines in your image. That will give you the best
      * "Gap close hint (px)" is the size of the gaps the filter will try to
        "close" before running the flood filling. This value should be about
        the size of the maximum unclosed gap in your image.
      * "Clean up (%)" is a special mode of the mask, when it tries to remove
        some of your key strokes if they go beyond the "closed" areas. When 0%,
        clean up phase is skipped, when 100% it tries to remove as much
        "uncertain" details as possible.
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      The initial implementation of the Colorize Mask functionality · b9fe09b2
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      At the moment you can paint on it with a usual brush, then click
      on the "Update" property and see the filling result. A lot of things are
      still to be done:
      1) There should be a switch between "b/w mode" and "alpha mode"
      2) The eraser button doesn't work when the mask is active (though
         you can paint with the Erase composite op and remove the keystrokes
         this way)
      3) The user should be able to activate/configure prefiltering of the image
      4) The filtered image should be cached using some solution with timestamps
      5) There should be automatic mode: the mask updates automatically every time
         you change the original layer (the same timestamps)
      6) New icons needed:
          - Update (needs rename?)
          - Show Coloring
          - Show Key Strokes
          - Icon for the mask itself (and its action)
      7) The filling is extremely slow. Right now the multicut algorithm doesn't
         have the fast paths for recognizing disjoint areas without doing min-cut.
      8) At the moment you cannot color-pick from the mask. To implement that
         you should write the merged keystrokes projection into fakePaintDevice.
         (btw, it will simplify decorateRect() significantly!)
      Ref T372
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