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      Implement proper conversions to Rec. 2020 PQ color space · 3f31062e
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      ICC engine cannot handle PQ-shaped color spaces properly. All the
      HDR data will be lost. Therefore, we should implement a custom
      transformation for that.
      1) IccColorSpaceEngine now has a special method supportsColorSpace(),
         which declares that "SMPTE ST 2084 PQ" should not be handled by
         the engine.
      2) LcmsRGBP2020PQColorSpaceFactoryWrapper adds custom conversions
         for this special color space. Before passing it to LCMS, the
         color space will be converted into Rec. 2020 Linear. After that
         ICC color management system can handle it correctly.
      3) The conversions graph looks like that:
      p2020-pq-u8 <-> p2020-g10-f16
      p2020-pq-u16 <-> p2020-g10-f16
      p2020-pq-f16 <-> p2020-g10-f32
      p2020-pq-f32 <-> p2020-g10-f32
      4) There is still a problem: if one decides to convert p2020-pq-f16
         into p2020-pq-u16, then the conversion will go via p2020-g10-f32.
         This is not optimal, but it can be fixed later.
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      * Huge change in the Color Conversion System : introduce profile, which means... · 207a17e4
      Cyrille Berger authored
      * Huge change in the Color Conversion System : introduce profile, which means nodes contains the color model id, the depth id _and_ the profile name, which means there is a node for a KoColorSpace/KoColorProfile couple.
      * make icc color space be less of an exception, introduce KoColorSpaceEngine, this class allows to create color conversion transformation for a "class" of color space, for instance, for ICC to ICC conversion is allways done the same way, this allow to reduce the number of connection in the CCS graph (reducing memory consuption and cpu time when looking for the best path)
      (disable compilation of xyz_float_hdr, if someone wants to port it to the change, feel free)
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=789697