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    small rework of product sets: products, features and product sets · 00577995
    Friedrich W. H. Kossebau authored
    * split the old idea of a "product" into "product", "feature" and "productset"
    * make no real difference between user-defined productsets and predefined ones
    * move the definition of the products into a separate file, for better overview and discoverability
    * put the documentation directly into that separate file instead of hiding it away in some README in some subdirectory noones knows about
    * generate a file product_deps.dot with the graph of the dependencies, showing also the build state (in DOT notation, see attached SVG file generated from that)
    * more patterns for the ids of the products
    * allow to have multiple productsets/products/features mentioned in the -DPRODUCTSET flag
    CCMAIL: calligra-devel@kde.org
    REVIEW: 118510
    Thanks boud, jstaniek, ingwa for review
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