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    Fix curve change despite 'Use same curve' checked · 47a57162
    Agata Cacko authored
    Before this commit, if you have a preset like Fill_circle
    that has "Use the same curve" checkbox checked and you were
    clicking on other sensors, the curve would be back to the default
    curve (the one that other sensors had) if you switch back and forth
    between some sensors (like Pressure -> X-Tilt-> Pressure).
    Also before this commit if you have the default uprising curve
    and you switched Rotation -> Tilt elevation, the curve would change.
    This commit fixes both behaviours (first by adding transferCurve(),
    second by switching the line in kis_curve_widget).
    This commit also includes two slot functions instead of one function
    that were used as a slot for two different signals. It helps with
    debugging signals and keeping stuff clear and ordered.
    There is one problem left: if you switch Tilt elevation -> Distance
    (using the 'hill' curve), the preset is set to modified even though
    the curve doesn't change.
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