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    Fix transform worker tests failing because of NN · f54b48bb
    Agata Cacko authored
    Tests for transform worker were failing because the result files
    contained results from the old version of NN/Box filter.
    Since I changed it a bit in 57c3194c
    the old result files were no longer valid.
    This commit updates the result files.
    Also since the execution of the filter on one of the images
    resulted in a transparent pixel in the location that the previous filter
    had a non-transparent pixel, it changed the size of the resulting image
    so it didn't pass the test partially because of the change in size.
    Since other tests don't check the size, I removed the checks in this
    test, too. (Because of the transparency in the test image, it is possible
    that the resulting image will have a different size even though it is
    not scaled in this dimension.)
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