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    Implement proper conversions to Rec. 2020 PQ color space · 3f31062e
    Dmitry Kazakov authored
    ICC engine cannot handle PQ-shaped color spaces properly. All the
    HDR data will be lost. Therefore, we should implement a custom
    transformation for that.
    1) IccColorSpaceEngine now has a special method supportsColorSpace(),
       which declares that "SMPTE ST 2084 PQ" should not be handled by
       the engine.
    2) LcmsRGBP2020PQColorSpaceFactoryWrapper adds custom conversions
       for this special color space. Before passing it to LCMS, the
       color space will be converted into Rec. 2020 Linear. After that
       ICC color management system can handle it correctly.
    3) The conversions graph looks like that:
    p2020-pq-u8 <-> p2020-g10-f16
    p2020-pq-u16 <-> p2020-g10-f16
    p2020-pq-f16 <-> p2020-g10-f32
    p2020-pq-f32 <-> p2020-g10-f32
    4) There is still a problem: if one decides to convert p2020-pq-f16
       into p2020-pq-u16, then the conversion will go via p2020-g10-f32.
       This is not optimal, but it can be fixed later.