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    Fix rendering of vector masks applied to group shapes · 2e8294be
    Dmitry Kazakov authored
    The patch does multiple things:
    1) Refactors KoShapeManager::paint() to use KisForest implementation
       to render shapes hierarchy. It is needed because we need to be able
       only a part of the shapes, and their parents might have filtering or
       masks. Theoretically, it is possible to implement this algorithm
       without KisForest, but it this case populateRenderSubtree(),
       buildRenderTree() and renderShapes() will be merged into a single
       function (or some counter-intuitive templated strategy), which would
       make the code hard to debug and maintain.
    2) KoViewConverter is gone! Gone! You hear it?! It is gone!!! No more
       KoViewConverter in any rendering! :)
       Well, it is still used in the tools, but we can live with it for now.
       The main point, there is no ugly hacks in KoShape::absoluteTransformation()
       to correct shape's offset to let view scaling transform be applied
       *after* the shape. Now view tranform in applied *before* the shapes,
       right in KisShapeLayerCanvas (or the like).
    The code touches a lot of code, so some testing is needed.
    Things that were deprecated:
     * SVG-filtering rendering code was removed. It used an ugly hack to
       let it work on groups. It couldn't be kept after refactoring. When
       we implement it correctly, it should be just placed into renderShapes().
     * some features of ODF text and raster-based vector patterns might
       have become broken. But we have no way to test that :(