Commit 41e4de24 authored by Scott Petrovic's avatar Scott Petrovic

Add back docker close and float icons

parent 41970fef
......@@ -163,10 +163,10 @@ class DockerTitleStyle : public QProxyStyle
QPixmap standardPixmap(QStyle::StandardPixmap sp, const QStyleOption *option = nullptr,
const QWidget *widget = nullptr) const override
QIcon closeIcon = KisIconUtils::loadIcon("document-edit");
QIcon closeIcon = KisIconUtils::loadIcon("docker_close");
QPixmap closePixmap = closeIcon.pixmap(QSize(20, 20));
QIcon floatIcon = KisIconUtils::loadIcon("configure");
QIcon floatIcon = KisIconUtils::loadIcon("docker_float");
QPixmap floatPixmap = floatIcon.pixmap(QSize(20, 20));
<RCC version="1.0">
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