Commit 5f04a5b0 authored by Boudewijn Rempt's avatar Boudewijn Rempt

Make the composite op combobo and palette button 30 pixels high

This gives it the visual height of the toggle buttons around it and
looks more pleasing, especially on Windows.
parent c8a39db3
......@@ -157,8 +157,13 @@ KisPaintopBox::KisPaintopBox(KisView2 * view, QWidget *parent, const char * name
QLabel* labelMode = new QLabel(i18n("Mode: "), this);
labelMode->setAlignment(Qt::AlignVCenter | Qt::AlignRight);
m_cmbCompositeOp = new KisCompositeOpComboBox();
m_paletteButton = new QPushButton(i18n("Save to Palette"));
m_cmbCompositeOp = new KisCompositeOpComboBox();
m_paletteButton = new QPushButton(i18n("Save to Palette"));
m_workspaceWidget = new KisPopupButton(view);
m_workspaceWidget->setToolTip(i18n("Choose workspace"));
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