Commit c472f2aa authored by Dmitry Kazakov's avatar Dmitry Kazakov

Fix updating current shape color when undo/redo

shapeChanged() is also called when the selection emits
shapeContentChanged(), that is, when the list of shapes is still
the same, but some properties of shapes are changed. In such
a case we should still update the controls.

The offending code was originally intended to fix bug 404975,
but it seems like the bug doesn't happen anymore.

parent 1fdb15d0
......@@ -201,9 +201,6 @@ public:
KisSignalCompressor shapeChangedCompressor;
KoFlake::FillVariant fillVariant;
QList<KoShape*> previousShapeSelected;/// container to see if the selection has actually changed
bool noSelectionTrackingMode;
Ui_KoFillConfigWidget *ui;
......@@ -796,13 +793,6 @@ void KoFillConfigWidget::shapeChanged()
QList<KoShape*> shapes = currentShapes();
// check to see if the shape actually changed...or is still the same shape
if (d->previousShapeSelected == shapes) {
} else {
d->previousShapeSelected = shapes;
bool shouldUploadColorToResourceManager = false;
if (shapes.isEmpty() ||
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