1. 30 May, 2019 1 commit
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      Disable QtQuick on macOS · 4b7bf8ed
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      The touch docker isn't that awesome on systems without a touch
      screen and running the qml plugin saves cached compiled files
      in the app bundle and that breaks signing. So disable this
      until I've found out how to make Qt Quick on macOS save its
      generated files in the user's home folder.
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      Add libkis: the Krita scripting wrapper library · 505fa128
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      libkis offers a QObject-introspectalbe wrapper around Krita's messy
      internals. Some notes:
      * Functions that return a pointer to a wrapper objectare factories:
      the caller is responsible for deleting the wrapper object
      * In principle, the library is meant to be low-level. Not a set of
      macro commands, but an programming API
      * Bindings in other languages are welcome
      * Extensions are welcome.
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      Move kritaimage to libs · b46898a0
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      This shows up a bunch of other problems with alien includes. Some
      tests have been disabled (marked "kisdoc") because they needed
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Move libcolor/libbrush/libpsd to libs · 39e45bae
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      This basically showed that we had entangled ourselves majorly,
      kritaimage has includes from kritaui, which it exported to kritapsd
      and so on.
  11. 09 Jan, 2016 2 commits
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      fix merge error · 25c53bf2
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
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      Move libglobal to the libs folder · 8f036034
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      It's used there, so we got weird build errors if krita wasn't
      built for some reason (mostly because of a missing libgsl). Add
      our own tried, tested and true shared pointers to libglobal so
      I can start using them in a new import/export plugin registry.
      And finally, enable exceptions globally, since libglobal now
      also needs them.
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  13. 25 Sep, 2015 1 commit
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Do not install any headers · 66bed6ca
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      There is no stable api anyway, it would too easily conflict with
      calligra headers and plugins are best done in-tree for now.
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  15. 08 Sep, 2015 1 commit
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      Add some more build defines · 8275318f
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      Global defines:
      For libs and krita:
      I cannot manage to fix all the places where a string is cast to
      a QUrl in all of Calligra, though I fixed one egregious oopsie
      in braindump.
      I also would like the QString and QByteArray ascii cast defines,
      but that's a huge battle!
  16. 30 Aug, 2015 1 commit
    • Friedrich W. H. Kossebau's avatar
      Port to KF5 KI18n translation system · 1776abc3
      Friedrich W. H. Kossebau authored
      To understand these changes best read the section "Connecting Calls to Catalogs" at
      Instead of adding
          #define TRANSLATION_DOMAIN "foolib"
      to lots of files, many projects simply use -DTRANSLATION_DOMAIN="foolib" with all sources,
      this seems most simple here as well at the respective places in the hierarchy, usually at
      the same place as the respective Message.sh script.
      While for the actual app it is recommended to call
      instead of using the TRANSLATION_DOMAIN var, Calligra code has source files for plugins/parts
      and apps not cleanly separated. So using TRANSLATION_DOMAIN for all code, including app code,
      again seems most simple. Exceptions from this rule done for the few simple util apps though.
      Projects: #calligra:_3.0
      Maniphest Tasks: T449
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D131
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      Merge krita-mvc-rempt into master · 1cb2d177
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      This refactors Krita to allow the user to have more than one
      image open in a window. Krita no longer uses or depends on the
      komain library.
      For now, Sketch and Gemini are disabled.
  25. 15 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Friedrich W. H. Kossebau's avatar
      small rework of product sets: products, features and product sets · 00577995
      Friedrich W. H. Kossebau authored
      * split the old idea of a "product" into "product", "feature" and "productset"
      * make no real difference between user-defined productsets and predefined ones
      * move the definition of the products into a separate file, for better overview and discoverability
      * put the documentation directly into that separate file instead of hiding it away in some README in some subdirectory noones knows about
      * generate a file product_deps.dot with the graph of the dependencies, showing also the build state (in DOT notation, see attached SVG file generated from that)
      * more patterns for the ids of the products
      * allow to have multiple productsets/products/features mentioned in the -DPRODUCTSET flag
      CCMAIL: calligra-devel@kde.org
      REVIEW: 118510
      Thanks boud, jstaniek, ingwa for review
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