Commit 9644265e authored by Gregor Mi's avatar Gregor Mi

Enable three more plugins by default

- Cuttlefish Icon Chooser
- File Browser (not on Windows because it is unstable there)
- Terminal Tool View (not on Windows because it does not work there)

Test Plan:
Remove ~/.config and started Kate. All new plugins are enabled by default.

I also tested with a plugin that does exist (to simulate users that don't have the plasma5-sdk with the cuttlefish plugin installed). There was no error.

Reviewers: #kate, dhaumann

Reviewed By: #kate, dhaumann

Subscribers: kossebau, dhaumann, sars, ngraham, kwrite-devel

Tags: #kate

Differential Revision:
parent 5ec86324
......@@ -62,15 +62,25 @@ void KatePluginManager::setupPluginList()
* move them to our internal data structure
* activate some plugins per default
* move them to our internal data structure,
* activate some plugins per default,
* the following list is ordered alphabetically by plugin name
* (this is not a technical need; just to have some order)
QSet<QString> defaultPlugins;
defaultPlugins.insert (QLatin1String("katefiletreeplugin"));
defaultPlugins.insert (QLatin1String("tabswitcherplugin"));
defaultPlugins.insert (QLatin1String("kateprojectplugin"));
defaultPlugins.insert (QLatin1String("katesearchplugin"));
defaultPlugins.insert (QLatin1String("textfilterplugin"));
defaultPlugins.insert(QLatin1String("cuttlefishplugin")); // this comes with package plasma5-sdk but it won't hurt to list it here (activate by right click in the text area)
#ifndef WIN32
defaultPlugins.insert(QLatin1String("katefilebrowserplugin")); // currently works badly on Windows
defaultPlugins.insert(QLatin1String("katekonsoleplugin")); // currently does not work on Windows at all
//defaultPlugins.insert(QLatin1String("ktexteditorpreviewplugin")); // the feature is nice and needed, but in its current state we should not present it by default
QVectorIterator<KPluginMetaData> i(plugins);
QSet<QString> unique;
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