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    Fix drag & drop in playlist layout editor, filter editor etc. in non-english locales · 1fc23fc0
    Matěj Laitl authored
    The implementation relies on custom mime-type specified in .ui files.
    However, the strings weren't marked as non-translatable, so language
    teams that decided to translate application/x-amarok-tag-token effectively
    broke drag & drop for their users. (the blame goes to Amarok team, of
    Myriam, more than 2-year-old bug fixed in a couple of hours, don't you
    like your GSoC student? :-)
     * Fix drag & drop in playlist layout editor, filename layout editor,
       filter editor for non-english locales. (BR 215402)
    BUG: 215402
    FIXED-IN: 2.6
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