Commit 84c15fdb authored by Dan Meltzer's avatar Dan Meltzer
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Update Track Position when returning from system tray after Pause.

Amarok wouldn't update the track position when restored from the system
tray.  This patch rememdies that. Patch by Abhay Sombanshi

BUG: 299883
REVIEW: 115122
parent 01b3ab9f
......@@ -23,8 +23,10 @@ VERSION 2.9-Beta 1
compilers currently supported by KDE.
* Update Progress Slider when restoring from System Tray. Patch By Abhay
Sombanshi <> (BR 299883)
* Update Jamendo to use new website. Patch By Yash Ladia
<> (BR 331934)
* Allows CollectionBrowser filter to have length of almost 24 hours. (BR 291400)
* Prevent creation of video stream when transcoding to Opus. Patch by Martin Brodbeck.
* Fix crash when starting Amarok with an iPod mounted. (BR 329498)
......@@ -757,6 +757,7 @@ MainToolbar::showEvent( QShowEvent *ev )
m_playPause->setPlaying( The::engineController()->isPlaying() );
trackPositionChanged( engine->trackPositionMs(), false ); // Refresh slider on restore
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