Commit 9449ec56 authored by Antonio Rojas's avatar Antonio Rojas Committed by Matěj Laitl
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Fix MPRIS2 DesktopEntry value

According to the MPRIS2 spec, the DesktopEntry value should be
"the basename of the .desktop file" [1], not the desktop-file-id. So
for amarok it should be "amarok" and not "kde4-amarok", regardless of
where the desktop file is installed. This fixes displaying MPRIS
controls in the Amarok taskbar tooltip in Plasma 5.7


Testing done by Antonio:

Player controls are displayed again in the Amarok taskbar tooltip in Plasma 5.7.

REVIEW: 128418
BUG: 365275
parent 970e985d
......@@ -15,6 +15,8 @@ VERSION 2.9.0
* Fix background color of the lyrics applet, thanks to Stefano Pettini. (BR 314854)
* Fix Organize tracks / Guess tags presets not persisted properly;
thanks to Stefano Pettini. (BR 226144)
* Fix MPRIS2 DesktopEntry name, makes media controls in Plasma 5.7 taskbar work
again; thanks to Antonio Rojas, Rex Dieter. (BR 365275)
VERSION 2.8.90
......@@ -94,11 +94,7 @@ QString MediaPlayer2::Identity() const
QString MediaPlayer2::DesktopEntry() const
// Amarok desktop file is installed in $prefix/share/applications/kde4/
// rather than in $prefix/share/applications. The standard way to
// represent this dir is with a "kde4-" prefix. See:
return QLatin1String("kde4-amarok");
return QLatin1String("amarok");
QStringList MediaPlayer2::SupportedUriSchemes() const
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