Commit a289d8b1 authored by Rick W. Chen's avatar Rick W. Chen
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Make sure url is encoded when converting wikipedia click urls

CCBUG: 268476
parent 096d1736
......@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@ WikipediaEnginePrivate::_dataContainerUpdated( const QString &source, const Plas
wikiCurrentUrl = clickUrl;
if( !wikiCurrentUrl.hasQueryItem( QLatin1String("useskin") ) )
wikiCurrentUrl.addQueryItem( QLatin1String("useskin"), QLatin1String("monobook") );
KUrl encodedUrl( wikiCurrentUrl.toString() );
KUrl encodedUrl( wikiCurrentUrl.toEncoded() );
urls << encodedUrl;
q->setData( source, QLatin1String("busy"), true );
The::networkAccessManager()->getData( encodedUrl, q,
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