Commit dbee445a authored by Bart Cerneels's avatar Bart Cerneels
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Don't mark audio-CD tracks as unplayable.

They are just always enabled until we have a good way to detect the
correct CD is present.

BUG: 285885
parent 0b979bb9
......@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@ Version 2.6-Beta 1
"1.2 GB free" is shown instead of "85% used"; thicker capacity bar.
* Don't mark audio-CD tracks as unplayable (greyed out). (BR 285885)
* Don't misbehave when track is dropped directly to saved playlist. (BR 293295)
* Don't report collection of USB Mass Storage tracks as None.
* When adding, changing and removing tracks in USB Mass Storage collection,
......@@ -72,13 +72,8 @@ AudioCdTrack::prettyUrl() const
AudioCdTrack::isPlayable() const
KUrl trackUrl = playableUrl();
QFileInfo trackFileInfo = QFileInfo( trackUrl.toLocalFile() );
//track can be played only if it's readable
if( trackFileInfo.exists() && trackFileInfo.isFile() && trackFileInfo.isReadable() )
return true;
return false;
//TODO: check availablity of correct CD somehow
return true;
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