Commit f06c33c5 authored by Rick W. Chen's avatar Rick W. Chen
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wiki: fix search field not accepting space characters

Space is the default shortcut key for play/pause. Somehow it is triggered
even when entering in the line edit of the browser. This allows shortcut
keys to be overridden and pass to the widget.

BUG: 266591
parent dc665055
......@@ -45,6 +45,8 @@ Version 2.5.0-Beta 1
* Current track applet: show number of artists instead of genres. (BR 261077)
* Fixed Wikipedia search field not accepting space character or cursor
keys. (BR 266591)
* Fix SupportedMimeTypes method on the MPRIS2 D-Bus interface, so that it
no longer appends duplicate entries on every call.
* Do not use Album Artist as Artist for files without Artist metadata. (BR 281283)
......@@ -230,7 +230,8 @@ protected:
if( obj == page()->parent() )
if( event->type() == QEvent::KeyPress )
if( event->type() == QEvent::KeyPress ||
event->type() == QEvent::ShortcutOverride )
QKeyEvent *keyEvent = static_cast<QKeyEvent*>( event );
keyPressEvent( keyEvent );
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