Commit 16671865 authored by Tobias Fella's avatar Tobias Fella Committed by Nate Graham
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Fix crash in metadata extraction

BUG: 461750

(cherry picked from commit 794dadfc)
parent 8b829a29
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......@@ -423,7 +423,8 @@ QVariantMap MediaPlayer2Player::getMetadataOfCurrentTrack()
#if KF5FileMetaData_FOUND
const auto &mimeType = QMimeDatabase().mimeTypeForFile(m_manageHeaderBar->image().toString().mid(14)).name();
auto extractors = KFileMetaData::ExtractorCollection().fetchExtractors(mimeType);
KFileMetaData::ExtractorCollection extractorCollection;
auto extractors = extractorCollection.fetchExtractors(mimeType);
QMap<KFileMetaData::EmbeddedImageData::ImageType, QByteArray> imageData;
for (const auto &extractor : extractors) {
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