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Improve Menu button's code

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......@@ -189,23 +189,22 @@ BasePlayerControl {
text: i18nc("open application menu", "Application Menu") "open-menu-symbolic"
checkable: true
checked: applicationMenu.visible
down: applicationMenu.visible
onClicked: {
if (applicationMenu.visible) {
} else {
var pos = menuButton.mapFromItem(headerBar, headerBar.width - applicationMenu.width, headerBar.height)
applicationMenu.popup(pos.x, pos.y)
if (!applicationMenu.visible) {
ApplicationMenu {
id: applicationMenu
// otherwise clicking on the menu button will not close it
closePolicy: Popup.CloseOnEscape | Popup.CloseOnPressOutsideParent
y: menuButton.height
// without modal, clicking on menuButton will not close the menu
modal: true
dim: false
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