Commit 486c3d7b authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham
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Remove Quit action from hamburger menu

In this context, it's not needed; the user is expected to close the
window by clicking on its close button, as most users do. And the
principle of the hamburger menu is to never offer duplicate
functionality that's available elsewhere in the appliction's menu UI.
parent bbff2deb
......@@ -16,7 +16,6 @@ Menu {
title: i18nc("open application menu", "Application Menu")
property var helpAction: ElisaApplication.action("help_contents")
property var quitApplication: ElisaApplication.action("file_quit")
property var reportBugAction: ElisaApplication.action("help_report_bug")
property var aboutAppAction: ElisaApplication.action("help_about_app")
property var configureShortcutsAction: ElisaApplication.action("options_configure_keybinding")
......@@ -126,15 +125,4 @@ Menu {
MenuSeparator {
visible: quitApplication.text !== ""
Action {
text: quitApplication.text
shortcut: ElisaApplication.actionShortcut(quitApplication) ElisaApplication.iconName(quitApplication.icon)
onTriggered: quitApplication.trigger()
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