Commit 4ff13b19 authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham
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Emit change signals for various config changes

We had forgotten to emit change signals for some config settings.

BUG: 436424
FIXED-IN: 22.04.1
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......@@ -357,7 +357,9 @@ void ElisaApplication::configChanged()
Q_EMIT showNowPlayingBackgroundChanged();
Q_EMIT showProgressOnTaskBarChanged();
Q_EMIT showSystemTrayIconChanged();
Q_EMIT useFavoriteStyleRatingsChanged();
Q_EMIT embeddedViewChanged();
Q_EMIT initialViewIndexChanged();
DataTypes::EntryDataList ElisaApplication::checkFileListAndMakeAbsolute(const DataTypes::EntryDataList &filesList,
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