Commit 503a7a68 authored by Janet Blackquill's avatar Janet Blackquill 🌈
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Fix serialisation of playlist

QVariant::fromValue on an enum causes serialisation to break; letting the conversion happen implicitly allows the serialisation to work as expected

BUG: 430444
parent d8012c15
......@@ -768,7 +768,7 @@ QVariantMap MediaPlayListProxyModel::persistentState() const
currentState[QStringLiteral("playList")] = d->mPlayListModel->getEntriesForRestore();
currentState[QStringLiteral("currentTrack")] = d->mCurrentPlayListPosition;
currentState[QStringLiteral("shufflePlayList")] = d->mShufflePlayList;
currentState[QStringLiteral("repeatMode")] = QVariant::fromValue(d->mRepeatMode);
currentState[QStringLiteral("repeatMode")] = d->mRepeatMode;
return currentState;
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