Commit 5f30be63 authored by Yerrey Dev's avatar Yerrey Dev
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Fix artist name on tracks without metadata

Fixes QML error qrc:/qml/ContentView.qml:419:13: Unable to assign [undefined] to QString
parent db4720e7
......@@ -416,7 +416,7 @@ RowLayout {
databaseId: ElisaApplication.manageHeaderBar.databaseId
trackType: ElisaApplication.manageHeaderBar.trackType
songTitle: ElisaApplication.manageHeaderBar.title
artistName: ElisaApplication.manageHeaderBar.artist
artistName: ElisaApplication.manageHeaderBar.artist !== undefined ? ElisaApplication.manageHeaderBar.artist : ''
albumName: ElisaApplication.manageHeaderBar.album
albumArtUrl: ElisaApplication.manageHeaderBar.image
fileUrl: ElisaApplication.manageHeaderBar.fileUrl
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