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Port config dialog list items to Kirigami.SwipeListItem

This is a common component that handles desktop as well as mobile user
interfaces. We can use it now that its desktop representation is a bit
more user-friendly.
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......@@ -237,25 +237,20 @@ Window {
model: ElisaConfigurationDialog.rootPath
delegate: Kirigami.BasicListItem {
implicitHeight: Kirigami.Units.gridUnit * 2
delegate: Kirigami.SwipeListItem {
// Don't need a highlight effect on hover
activeBackgroundColor: "transparent"
activeTextColor: myPalette.text
QQC2.Label {
text: modelData
text: modelData
actions: Kirigami.Action {
iconName: "edit-delete"
text: i18n("Stop looking for music here")
trailing: QQC2.Button { "edit-delete"
visible: pathList.count > 1
onClicked: ElisaConfigurationDialog.removeMusicLocation(modelData)
Accessible.onPressAction: onClicked
QQC2.ToolTip {
text: i18n("Stop looking for music here")
onTriggered: ElisaConfigurationDialog.removeMusicLocation(modelData)
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