Commit e60d729b authored by Alexander Stippich's avatar Alexander Stippich

Use artist when inserting a new album when album artist is not available

When adding new tracks, artist was not used as fallback for inserting
new albums in case album artist is not available. This made tracks
with no album artist create albums with empty artists.

Reviewers: mgallien

Reviewed By: mgallien

Differential Revision:
parent bc1c9957
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......@@ -4763,6 +4763,9 @@ qulonglong DatabaseInterface::insertAlbum(const QString &title, const QString &a
if (!albumArtist.isEmpty()) {
d->mInsertAlbumQuery.bindValue(QStringLiteral(":albumArtist"), albumArtist);
} else if (!trackArtist.isEmpty()) {
d->mInsertAlbumQuery.bindValue(QStringLiteral(":albumArtist"), trackArtist);
} else {
d->mInsertAlbumQuery.bindValue(QStringLiteral(":albumArtist"), {});
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